Friday, April 1, 2011

79 Days of Gratitude & Thanks: Day 10 - My relationship with God

So, I guess most people would have started this 79 day gratitude & thanks journey by giving a shout out to God. At least that's what they do on all those awards shows. "First, I need to thank Jesus Christ for helping me to sell all these movie tickets..." It's certainly not my place to judge others but I do think it's a little suspect that so many people use the name of God & Jesus to build creditability for themselves. And, please I do not want to get in a religious disagreement with anyone who may be reading this. Remember, these are simply my thoughts at this moment in time. One of our greatest gifts to ourselves is the ability to continue to grow, change our minds and walk down a different path later on in life. I am reading a book right now and there is a line in it about the degree of religion and faith these women have in their life. "...the others have somehow, over the years, brokered their own private agreement with God." That's me EXACTLY! I spent the early part of my life attending Baptist church and then, later, a Catholic church. Once I went to college, my faith and religious practice took a back burner in my life. I've never really returned to organized religion since. BUT... I know, believe and feel God's presence everyday. He has provided me many, many blessings; has held my hand down many rocky paths; and has continued to love me even in moments when I have yelled his name in vain and cursed him lot loud (the worse lost in your life can do that to you). One of my many gifts from God is my relationship with two of my closest friends, Maasen & Alicia. They both have a very strong faith and have prayed many a prayers for me. I know God is there for me because I feel their prayers. God and I spend time communicating in the ways that work for us. He understands me and understands that at this moment in my life, I'm not ready for organized religion. He provides me guidance and helps me live a life that is honoring to him. Luckily, he is also a forgiving God because sometimes mistakes happen and my actions don't portray my love for him. SO...maybe it should have been my first post, but we've talk about, God understands and still loves me!

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