Friday, April 1, 2011

79 Days of Gratitude & Thanks: Day 11 - Teachable Moments

Yesterday (Wednesday), I had a tough day at work and snapped at a student. This is not my usually behavior and it weighed on me pretty heavy throughout the night. The reason I snapped at him was because me made a comment that was out of line - the only problem...he didn't know it was out of line because he wasn't wearing my lenses. He didn't know that I was frustrated and concerned about the financial future of my department. And, honestly, there was no reason he should have know. But, I started the day off on the right foot! This student was actually in the office first thing this morning and we had a REALLY good conversation. First, I apologized. He graciously told me not to worry about it and understood that he had just caught me in a bad moment. But, then I went on to really talk with him about all the pieces that lead up to my frustration. He listened well and I could tell that the "light bulb" came on and he had his teachable moment. Most days this doesn't happen. But, in the moments when they do - these students keep me inspired and keep me coming back to work.

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