Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fighting in tolerance

As many of you may know, a Harps grocery store in Arkansas placed this "family shield" over the cover of this week's US Weekly because the cover protrayed Elton John, his partner David Furnish and their new son. I have two issues with this situation (as I understand it).
Please, please let me role model the way and raise a child who sees past race, religion and sexual orientation. Please let me always demonstrate a respect for humanity and demonstrate that opinions about others should be based upon that person's character and intergrity. Last night's post was about my desire for Samantha to find a love that will cherish and adore her just as she is. I should have specified that it DOES NOT matter to me if that love is with another woman. Love is love. (Again, she's two and I'm not trying to marry her off quite yet...). As I journey through parenthood, truly one of my top goals is to raise a child who is non-judgemental, appreciative of all others and embraces all the world and world's people have to offer. Had I grown up hating people who were different than me I would have missed out on a whole lot of positive and powerful relationships in my life.
This photo was leaked by an upset customer at the grocery store. She tweeked it to a number of celebrities including Anderson Cooper (love him!), Ellen DeGeneres (love, love her!) and Kathy Griffin (super, duper love that crazy b-tch!) asking for their help to bring attention to this matter. She was rightful horrified and shocked at this unfortuate display. Here's my issue though...this customer didn't go to the store manager or Harps corporate office to first try to resolve the matter. I certainly agree that this should have been brought to light and handled but sometimes you can actual resolve things by talking directly to people. *SIGH* Everyday I deal with young adults who have no idea how to positively confront someone face to face and rationally discuss their opinions, why they are upset with each other and mutually resolve their challenge or disagreement. Instead they bash each other on facebook, on the bathroom walls of the local bars and behind each other's back. Had this customer confront the store manager and corporate office and nothing was resolved - absolutely, send it to that silver haired fox Andy Cooper! But before you do that - consider working within the system. You might be surprised and the matter may be resolved.
Injustice and intolerance must be confronted head on and at full force. Thank you Harp's customer for taking a stand! Most people won't and will just ignore it. I may not agree with your approach but I appreciate that you fought for humanity. And at least for a moment humanity won!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just The Way You Are...

I've heard this song a number of times, but heard it twice today so it's been floating in my head. The first time I heard it, I cried. A lot and uncontrollably. Thank goodness I was in the car by myself. It's one of the most meaningful and romantic songs I have ever heard. The funny thing is that I didn't care for myself, I cried for Samantha. And not even because this is how I feel about her but because this song is my wish for her. Of course I love her unconditionally, but when the time is right for her to find love, this is how I want it to be for her. Of course, Sean laughed at my silliness, well, because Samantha is 2! But I can't help it. I have so many hopes and wished for her but to have someone in her life who sees her as the most beautiful, wonderful, and priceless gift that they have been given - WOW!

Maybe it's because I went through a so many bad relationships and had a number of toxic experiences that I want to shield her from this. Most of the my life my self-esteem has been really bad. I don't want that for her. I want her to be confident in all that she does! I hope that this is one of the greatest gifts I can give her.

I do realize that it is a bit strange to already be worrying about these things with Samantha. I guess it's all the job description as a parent. I know she will face obstacles in life and won't succeed in everything she does but no matter what I want the people around her to love her just the way she is...

Monday, January 24, 2011

The beginning...

So, here it is - my first blog entry! I've been thinking about doing a blog for quite a while now, however, I recently read an article about women who blogged to help with their weight lose battles and had quite a bit of success. My blog will not be entirely about weight loss but rather my journey to become the best possible Angel McAdams Prescott. Yes, weight loss is part of my journey but within the last six months I've just come to the realization that there are several areas in my life I have just let slip by without striving for greatness. It's amazing how we just let ourselves settle.

Now, I have been on these crusuades before where I have focused all my time and energy on being perfect. Being the perfect wife, the perfect parent, looking perfect, being perfect for everyone around me. Frankly, it's exhausting! And, I can only manage that level of perfection for a short time before a have a complete meltdown. This idea for perfection actually come to an aburpt hult almost four years ago. My 2 & 1/2 month old daughter passed away of SIDS. Lossing a child is the most devastating thing that can happen to a parent. The reality that life is not perfect really slapped me in the face and from that day (June 8, 2007) until June 2010 I actually stopped caring about myself. I no longer strove for perfection but the reality was I didn't strive for anything. I was really letting life pass me by and I wasn't taking full control of my destiny.

Sometime in early June (I usually just tell people June 1 but I don't remember the date), I stepped on the scale and say a number that I never imagined I would see. It was heartbreaking and I was horrified. I remember looking at myself in the mirror and not understanding why I didn't care enough about myself to stop. Literally, something in me snapped and I said enough was enough. Here's me in September 2009 weighing alot(pic on the right)! The sad thing is that I probably gained another 10-15 pounds from this date until June 2010. So what was the number? I've debated back and forth worth or not to post it. As I'm fully shamed that I let my weight get so out of control there is an embassment I do feel. I'm not ready to share it yet, but I will share that since June I have lost 63 pounds (the pic on the left)!

Many people have asked me how I have done it. Again, a secret I didn't share with a lot of people. It's amazing how guilty your weight really makes you feel. Well, I did lose the first 45-50 pounds by using HcG. It is an over-the-counter product that greatly restricts your calorie intake a day - 500 calories a day! Yes, 500 and no, it's not fun! It did work for me though but I haven't been using the product regularly for some time. The key, as with any change, is that you can't go back. If I go back, I will gain it all back. HcG is not the final answer for me. It simply was a jumping off point that got me motivated and got me feeling better. Now, I am a path to continue my journey eating more healthy and moving more.

But as I said this blog is not only about my weight loss - it's really about my desire to be great in as many aspects of my life as possible. My family, the relationship with my husband, my parenting skills to my 2 year old, my career and my hobbies and passions are just a few of the areas I plan to work on.
I've come to realize that there is a very distict difference between perfection and greatness. Perfection is impossible! Because life is not perfect, the people around us aren't always perfect, the factors that effect our lives are not always perfect. At this point in my life, I just want to be the best possible me.
I'm not sure if anyone will follow my blog but if you do, thanks in advance for coming along on this journey. I'm sure that it won't always be pretty (or perfect) but I'm ready to take it on full force and with all I got!