Saturday, April 2, 2011

79 Days of Gratitude & Thanks: Day 13 - Family Rules

I find this piece of artwork at TJ Maxx (one of my most favorite stores) and loved it immediately. I didn't really have a place to put it but bought it any ways.

The Prescott Family Rules:

1. Keep your promises

2. Share

3. Think of others before yourself

4. Say I love you

5. Listen to your parents

6. Do your best

7. Say please and thank you

8. Always tell the truth

9. Laugh at yourself

10. Hug often

11. Use kind words

12. Love each other

Not the most profound or life changing rules but it's amazing how many of us don't do these things and we struggle in our lives. I wonder what would happen if the entire world lived by these simply 12 rules. I'll probably never know. But I do know that I'm going to try and live by them everyday and am convinced that it will benefit me ten folds!

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