Tuesday, April 5, 2011

79 Days of Gratitude & Thanks: Day 16: TOMS One Day Without Shoes 2011

Today, I participated in TOMS Shoes "One Day Without Shoes" awareness campaign. If you aren't familiar with TOMS Shoes it is a grassroots company who's motto is one for one - meaning that for every pair of TOMS you purchase, they donate a pair to a child in need. This company is the brain child of Chief Shoe Giver (don't you love that title!) Blake Mycoskie. Blake will be speaking on our campus later this month and our students have really rallied behind his cause. Of course, how can you unchanged by this campaign? I did cheat a little and wore shoes to drop Samantha off at daycare and drive, but other than that no shoes. I left them in my car and walked across campus to start my day. As soon as my feet hit the cold 8am sidewalk, I was immediately appreciative of what "luxuries" I really did have. Throughout the day, I had several challenges because I wasn't wearing shoes - using the public restroom at work and not being allowed in food service areas for lunch because of health codes. Ironically, children who don't wear shoes across the world are also denied privileges - primarily they are denied education and aren't allowed in school. Of course going barefoot in poverty stricken areas also increases illness and infections! Truly a day that I remember ALL day how grateful I really was!

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